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You never know what the
CHI energy enslaving
gendered tongues twisted thinking
sexual behavior orienting rewarding
pR e T eNd eR
will DO..

Say iT BesT with DOMAINS and EXTENSIONS that Say iT BesT!

My Circumcision - - ViDeos - YouTuBe Playlist
And a bit here on the NOT so humerous side of those enslaved
to the thinking of predecessors BELIEF systems and AnTiCs
raping into oblivion (AS ALL PRETEND) the free souls natural born
universe interconnected
chi energy.. updating.
Lucy - Scientific American
Search For Human Origins
Scientific American - Special Evolution Issue - September 2014
Flag Counter - Say iT BesT with DOMAINS and EXTENSIONS that Say iT BesT!
Flowery BuLLsHiT - How To Hang Yourself - Reality versus Religion - Good versing eViL - My Circumcision

My Circumcision, MyCircumcision,, Circumcise, circumsized, circular, open nerve ending, nerve ending, universe, universal, free thinking, free souls,
aether energy, natural order energy, human flowering, SUN shine, SUNNY, SUNNY DAY, CHEMtrail FREE, HAARP collapsed, Natural Order refreshing RAiN, Rapist gang gone!
bonobos versus chimpanzees, fucrs - where does my DICK go today - AGENDA, versus DiD queenie notice me junk strutting about, rape and incest versus chosen calm resolve
huh, whaT?, your a, your a, NOT intact, broken down mutilated, pRenTenD after me, ok DONT, get BETTER connected, to the, to the universe that has gifted all living life,
BONOBO sKiT be gone! - huh?, ok,.
WHITE european middle eastern ARYAN BABYLONIAN hijacking and incestuous rape of planet earth sKiTs and Mayhem - RESOLVED?
Hollywoodian PreTend like the CHI energy MURDERING slavers sKiTs judaism christianity and islam
snaring CHUNKS of population unto boyo clubs bonoboist government rebel gang rapist fucr thinking
santified societies hijacking world republics and constitutions perverting brothers unto some symbol RITUAL or HOOD
umm ah,. 501 c reENACTORS - ABBREVIATION HIDING, ACTors guild, union.. CONglomerate,.
reDD up?
anyway,. i almost ran out of breath thinking that all the way through, as your head tried to say it?

say sNicKer, come on say snicker, i said say, sNicKeR, i mean we didnt come in and HiJACK system thieve and shuffle your house.

Free Souls Freeing ALL!

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There is nothing to go on ridDLiNg abouT.

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is a CONjured constellation comprising

dying stars.


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Say iT BesT with DOMAINS and EXTENSIONS that Say iT BesT!
ALL obviously edited Original Art
created from internet commons.